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grand calme,

•    For 2 adults,
  => Or 2 adultes and 2 children under 10 years old)

A family style welcome in the small town of Mouguerre, 5 km from the center of Bayonne, 12 km from Biarritz and its beaches and 30 km from Spain :       All modern conveniences !      Real wooden houses!

Cobadena means : COte BAsque DEcouverte NAture ...(Environment, Discovery on the Basque Coast) : For an active vacation in a relaxing, woodland environment.

Cobadena-Borda represents a destination with no hidden unfortunate surprises. ALWAYS CLEAN, ALWAYS CALM, ALWAYS SECURE AND ALWAYS FRIENDLY (next to the owner’s home),

Confidence works on both sides with us.

You can get a better understanding of our principle of GUEST GITES through our site

To summarize, guests are offered several options:

- if they want to be left alone, they are,
- if they prefer social interaction, they get it,
- if their choice is a self discovery of the area, they get some tips and insider information 
- if their choice is a guided tour of the area, I can accompany them in the discovery of our fantastic Pays Basque region as well its coast with a set price per kilometer.

Read the appreciations on the site : all represent satisfied guests after their stays at Cobadena-Borda.

No unfortunate surprise and a guaranteed stay.

Hoping to welcome you shortly ...

Cobadena-Borda, is a mini  touristic sportive center where are shared the passion for the mountains, ocean, nature, outside activities or just relaxing in 5 wooded acres  with goats, chickens, in a guaranteed calm

I prefer an email contact and will reply to all requests. (my written English being better than my spoken one)


Send an email to : <cobadena@live.fr> :
•    Indicate your dates: 
♣    Refer to the table on the  cobadena.fr website to check on availability (dates in red are unavailable)
•    Send your first and last names, mailing address and home and cell phone numbers 
•    Confirm you have understood our principle of mutual trust and that you agree to the terms
•    Confirm your acceptance of our payment terms as detailed below: 2 transfers at two dates,
•    Confirm that you will forward as soon as possible copies of identification
•    You will send as soon as possible copy of your insurance policy confirming your civil liability coverage for your holiday rental (this fact should be mentioned in your insurance company’s  attestation for the requested rental period). This document could be forwarded directly by your insurance company to « cobadena@live.fr”

Booking opportunities :

All year  long : (check prices on the website,
•    Personalized dates ? Just send me your request by email and we can discuss possibilities.
=> Look HERE for rates and rental possibilities (week or 3 nights minimum)


    I will confirm (or not) the availability.
    I will send you my bank references (if availability).
   You are requested to make payment as follows:
   => 30% down payment when booking : 
   Amounts due within 2 days.
   An email from you confirming the transfer
   Receipt of this first transfer confirms the reservation
   => The final payment (70%) is due one month before arrival at "Cobadena-Borda".
   Upon request, a quote, indicating down payments could be sent to you as a guarantee of your booking.
   No other contract will be supplied as our policy at Cobadena-Borda is one of mutual trust..
   Il there are bank charges, they will of course be your responsability.

            See you soon at Cobadena-Borda !

=> Tous les témoignages sont déposés dans notre "Blog"